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This is the People's House. This is our Democracy.

Kentucky has a rich history of debate and civil political discourse. However, recent changes in Kentucky government have silenced that discussion and have lessened the unique American values of reasoned, critical discussion about government and those who are elected to represent the great Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Although candidates who run for Secretary of State must claim a political party, the duties of the office are not partisan. I have a platform of issues that are important to all Kentuckians and fall within the scope of responsibilities of the Office of the Kentucky Secretary of State.

Unlike many politicians, my door is always open and I am always willing to listen to you. Here are some issues which I believe need attention.

As a business owner, I understand full well the challenges that start up businesses face. Because small businesses make up the largest portion of businesses in Kentucky, we need to facilitate means to help and promote them. When businesses grow, every day Kentuckians profit.

As a Christian and preacher, I believe in redemption of each person. I also believe that each person who has paid their debt to society should have their American right to vote restored. Former felons of non-violent crimes should be able to vote.

Our great American voting heritage should not be impeded. Cable television and the Internet have shown us that the world does not end at 6:00 pm. We have an atiquated voting model of operation and hours. We need to allow citizens to vote earlier and create additional hours for our citizens who work long hours.

Implementing automatic voter registration can help clean up voter roles for more accurate voting results and allow more citizens to vote. By moving to a mail-in voting system, we can expand voting hours for all citizens and reduce government spending on the election process. That’s a win-win for everyone!

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Join our grassroots campaign! Jason is a political outsider and believes that the best voice for Kentucky is an average citizen who stands up for themselves. The Office of Secretary of State is an important office within Kentucky and if you join, you can help ensure a better future for all Kentuckians. Please sign up below for updates and learning about meet up dates.

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